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License Requests and related transactions

Tool Requests: To request issuance of licenses

My License Request Status : To check the status of your requests
Modify/ Update/Surrender licenses: To make changes to the licenses issued to you

Software Compliance

Run Softscan: To get current installed software inventory and update the database
Machine Declaration: To declare compliance of a machine assigned to you
Software Inventory Report : To get the software installed on your machine
Read the Software Usage policy


As a PM or DU head

Tool cost chargeback projection : Get details of the costs of tools used by your teams
DU Tool Kit (for DU head): Define the standard tools most preferred for your teams


TBI - Tool Benefit Index

The TBI is a comprehensive approach to help you select the right tools for your project and plan to get the most of the tools chosen.
TBI Landscape Report : To see the usage of tools and the TBI derived for any team
Activity wise Tools Landscape : To see the usage of tools by activity in the project


Tech Tools Community

If you are looking for help with a tool, or searching for an expert to guide you or, you would like to share your experience and expertise on a tool,  Tech Tools Community is the place to visit. As a vibrant community with over a thousand members, your participation will only make it even better.

techtools CM CoE

If you have any needs related to configuration management, build and release, whether it is to get your current practices assessed, adopt good practices, or leverage the shared services in this area to lower your project costs, connect with the CM CoE that delivers end-to-end Software Configuration & Release Management services

Current & Upcoming Events

>>Week of 18 April : Winner felicitation event for the Microsoft developer contest

>>15th Cool Tool Conference on 28th April: Please block your calendar & Keep watching this space for more details

Tool Tip / Featured Tool

If you need to zip and unzip files in special formats such as .tar, .gzip, try the free tool 7zip from TARMAC





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